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To move well on stage, you don’t have to be a mime. You can be physically compelling simply by making dynamic choices. As solo performers, we strive to transform the empty stage into a full set laden with furniture and a cast of characters decked out in elaborate costumes. Using your body, voice and imagination you can transform your text into a visceral experience for your audience.

Starting with your own material, we will take your artistic vision and find simple physical choices that will focus, distill, and clarify that vision. Giving weight and reality to the objects you encounter, “building” your environment, physicalizing characters, and creating “special effects” can give your work that extra oomph it needs.

Performer Testimonials

“I found my sessions with Jill both energizing and grounding. She helped me with movement that informed basic blocking, character work, and choreographing a scene where I mime packing a car while music plays. She brought a physical clarity to specific moments that I didn’t have before. She also opened up new performance possibilities that informed how the characters connected to each other, what words I emphasized, and we discovered ways to directly engage the audience and even get them up out of their seats and dancing. I walked away with an increased attention to my craft as a performer on stage. Thank you Jill Vice!”

– Rebecca Fisher

“I started my session with Jill completely stumped about how to choreograph four parts of my monologue — including one where I needed to show the audience that I’m walking two dogs as I get more and more pregnant. I left two hours later with total clarity about what I would do on stage and two new jokes. It is such a pleasure to work with an expert.”

– Lisa Rothman

“A master of character and physical comedy, Jill seems to understand my characters and their body mechanics better than I. How would my grandmother hold herself in this song? Assigning specific movements and choreography, Jill has more than helped me find motivation in my scenes and in the music itself. Furthermore, I was astounded by Jill’s mining of missed comic opportunities… transforming a funny bit into something downright genius in all its somatic perfection. Jill has helped me find purpose in every movement… so that my piece literally… pops!”

– Candace Roberts

“Jill Vice is the crème de la crème of physical performers. She has a keen eye and instinct for constructing and fine tuning characters, from bodies to nuances. Working with Jill is to be in a magically creative and fun lab that frees me into that blissful transformation of becoming somebody else. I trust her feedback.”

– Kenny Yun

“Jill Vice is a master movement artist and a passionate teacher whose instincts are right on. I can’t wait to have some dedicated time to work with her AGAIN. She doesn’t miss a beat.”

– Angela Neff

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