A Fatal Step

“A delicious turn on noir, told from the point of view of the femme fatale, all martinis and seamed stockings.” –Winnipeg Free Press
“Fast and funny.” –Indy Fringe Talks
“Sultry and sexy.” –Kings River Life
Jill Vice’s award winning show


EXTENDS her run at The Marsh in San Francisco
January 18-April 28, Thursdays @ 8pm & Saturdays @ 8:30pm
Written and Performed by Jill Vice
Developed with David Ford & Directed by Mark Kenward
1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco 94110

THURSDAY, March 1 8:00 PM

SATURDAY, March 3 8:30 PM

SATURDAY, March 24 8:30 PM

SATURDAY, March 31 8:30 PM

THURSDAY, April 5 8:00 PM

SATURDAY, April 7 8:30 PM

THURSDAY, April 12 8:00 PM

THURSDAY, April 19 8:00 PM

SATURDAY, April 21 8:30 PM

THURSDAY, April 26 8:00 PM

SATURDAY, April 28 8:30 PM



Turning the tables on film noir tropes, Vice’s 60-minute dramedy tells its shadowy tale not from the typical point of view of the hardboiled detective, but from that of the femme fatale.

When Sarah’s footing with her handsome podiatrist is undermined by an archrival, she takes drastic steps to keep her man.

On the heels of her award-winning show, Tipped & Tipsy, BEST-OF-FEST winner Jill Vice returns to The Marsh with a one-woman noir that puts the DIE in podiatry.

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What Audiences Are Saying…


“A Fatal Step by Jill Vice is a hell of a lot of fun –sharp, funny, well-written, with surprising emotional depth. If you love old movies, dangerous dames, and the dark side of humanity, this is the show to see.”-Jaguar B.


“This is one of my favourite plays that I’ve seen this year!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire performance and loved every moment of it!” -Dexter P.


“Dark and playful, This story has curves in all the right places. I love when the villain gets it at the end!” -Cavan C.


“Wonderful show. Her transition from character to character was amazing.” -Sue W.


“One of the best comedic performers-ever. Jill’s command of physical comedy and perfect timing makes this show deeply satisfying with a script that does not sell short, but takes the comedy as far it can go. She’s a risk taker that blends technique with sincerity. SEE THIS SHOW.” -Theresa D.


“Incredible. Best show I’ve seen at Rogue this year. Cleverly written, superbly acted. This is a MUST SEE.” -Bryan C.


“Jill’s show is outstanding! One of the best I’ve seen! Highly recommend!” -Jackie R.


“Phenomenal character impersonations and engaging story-telling. The rapid exchanges between characters and the sharp humor of the main character make this show very entertaining.” -Dave L.


“Jill Vice is an awesome performer. She once again demonstrates her mastery of playing multiple roles in one costume. Great actress performing an intriguing story.” -Avijit R.


“Found her and the material about relation dynamics and insecurities to be very entertaining. Always amazed how one person can carry off playing multiple persons so well. Includes Frank, his mother, the other woman and an old school reporter/photographer. Bravo.” -Bruce K.


“How can I add to all the praise heaped upon Jill Vice, the star of the one-woman noir, A Fatal Step? Let’s just say it’s well deserved. Vice performs all the characters in a dark tale suited to old-time radio or dime novels, but set in modern times. A beautiful woman whose devotion edges into manipulation commits everything to a man who finds more gentle and genuine affection with a plain-looking woman he works with; this will not end well. Vice’s delivery maintains suspense while slipping in the punch lines, making for a thoroughly entertaining experience — and it doesn’t hurt that she’s as lovely and charming as her main character. Still, as she slips from persona to persona, she masters her expression to make all her roles, male and female, distinct.” playswithjohnandwendy.com



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